About Me

I’m a father and a husband, a techie and a tinkerer. I’m an aspiring mad scientist, an infrastructure jack of all trades and a wireless networking engineer specializing in all things mobility. From web apps to location services to WLAN design/deployment, I am constantly playing with technology in my lab that’s on the cutting edge of what’s coming next and sometimes technology that’s not. With over a decade of experience as a systems engineer managing wired and wireless IP networking, virtualization environments, applications, and web infrastructures with a strong background in retail, healthcare, and higher education I have a wide range of skills to offer no matter the technology or scope of a project.

As a certified engineer in a wide range of technologies including network management, data center and application virtualization, route/switch, Wi-Fi administration, design, and troubleshooting, and workforce mobility I dedicate much of my time to staying current on changes in the marketplace as well as the constantly evolving IT field. Often tasked with making large projects fit in small budgets, I am an advocate and fan of open source technologies with a tendency to build it bigger and better myself (if time permits and budgets won’t). I am known for making products run outside of their operational parameters, pushing them beyond their intended functions and limits with many successful projects integrating previously unmarried components and products.

Although now focused on mobility, living and breathing it from day to day, it’s not uncommon to find me developing a new web application, shoehorning one API into another, soldering a new micro-controller into a purpose built tool, tinkering with the next big thing in IT at my home office, or simply cracking open a book and diving into one of the many technologies that fascinate me.